Sponge Left in Patient

The San Antonio medical malpractice lawyers at Ford and Laurel, talk about a case involving a sponge left inside a patient. I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my son’s case. You did an amazing good and went beyond of what I expected. It’s hard [...]

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Settlements & Verdicts

$6,000,000.00 Settlement for complex 18 Wheeler Trucking Accident /Brain injury $1,050,000.00 Settlement in Medical Malpractice case $ 1,000,000.00 Settlement in pharmaceutical error case $500,000.00 auto /railroad accident $500,000.00 personal injury case $6.2 Million; verdict in 18 wheeler Trucking accident /Brain Injury $2.6 million settlement in gas explosion case for property & injury damage $100,000.00 car [...]

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San Antonio Premise Liability- Slip and Fall Lawyers

Is My Case Worth Pursuing? According to the US Department of Justice, every year American courts award approximately $4 billion in damages to plaintiffs for these types of cases. If you’ve recently suffered an injury at a store or business location, you may have a premise liability case and could be able to seek and [...]

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The Liable Parties

In most traffic accident cases, the driver who caused the accident is the one the other victims will sue, that’s when you should call the San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney. Most of the time in these incidents the driver and his/her insurance company will have to pay for the damages. With Commercial Vehicle Accident cases [...]

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What Constitutes a Dangerous Drug?

There are several things that can cause a drug to be dangerous. The most common are the following: Inadequate Research – The manufacturer did not do enough research on the potential side effects the drug might cause. Negligence – When a drug manufacturer is aware that their medication may lead to harmful side effects but [...]

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What can occur on a construction site:

Slips and falls Repetitive motion injuries Lifting injuries Injuries from toxic substances Injuries from mechanical malfunctions Trench Collapse If you or someone you love has been injured in a construction-related accident, call us today for a Free confidential consultation about your case. To find out how much you can expect to receive if you succeed [...]

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Commercial Litigation Lawyers San Antonio

Are You Having a Dispute with a Business? The term commercial litigation matters generally refers to any case that comes out of a business issue, and can manifest itself in a lot of different forms. You may be having a breach of contract problem with a company, having a dispute with a business partner, or [...]

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San Antonio Construction Accident Lawyers

Whether it is a collapsed trench wall, that buries a worker or falling of a scaffolding that was not secured correctly. It’s an unfortunate fact that too many workers get injured at construction sites, just by the nature of the dangerous environment. If this should happen to you, call the San Antonio Construction Accident Attorneys [...]

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Insurance Coverage Claims Denied? Call Attorneys Ford and Laurel in San Antonio

What to Do If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied Insurance-Claims-Ford-and-Laurel If your insurance claim was denied, you are not alone. It is estimated that every year as many as 1 in every 14 claims are denied by Insurance Companies in the United States. <However, the number that’s even more startling is that only one percent [...]

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San Antonio – Eagle Ford Shale Oil Field Accident Lawyers

Helping Oil field Injury Victims to receive just compensation for their injuries and suffering There are very few Jobs in America that subject workers to danger as drilling for Oil & Gas and for that matter any thing revolving around these activities. Due to the increased drilling activities in South Texas it should come as [...]

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